Combined Benefits of CST & Ketamine Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a very supportive therapy for those that plan to or are currently undergoing Ketamine Therapy. The synergistic effect can address both physical and mental health concerns. 

CST is a therapeutic modality that addresses your body’s wiring system, your nervous system. With very light touch, your practitioner will administer a “tune-up” of your cerebrospinal fluid flow and allow your body to enter into the parasympathetic state of rest and digest, breaking the fight or flight cycle (the stress response). Your body instinctively knows how to heal itself, if it is given the means to do so. By bringing your body into rest and digest mode, it can optimally begin the healing process. This is why combining CST with ketamine therapy or any other type of therapy can be beneficial. In addition to the effects on the nervous system, CST can also aid in pain relief, inflammation reduction, improved circulation, and emotional release. 

Pain relief can occur when combining CST and ketamine treatments because CST enhances the deep relaxation effects of ketamine. While ketamine addresses pain at the neurological level, CST works on relieving physical tension and pain, providing a comprehensive pain management solution. Both therapies working together also reduce inflammation which leads to improved physical health and reduced pain.

CST’s ability to release stored emotional trauma works well with ketamine’s profound psychological effects, facilitating deep emotional healing. The rapid antidepressant effects of ketamine combined with the emotional release from CST can lead to a significant improvement in mood and overall outlook on life.

As CST improves the cerebrospinal fluid flow, supporting brain health, ketamine promotes neuroplasticity, leading to improved cognitive function and mental clarity. The physical and mental integration provided by CST enhances the mental benefits of ketamine, making the therapeutic effects more sustainable.

Some ways to integrate the two therapies together would be pre-treatment, during treatment, and post-treatment. Coupling CST with mindfulness and breathwork will help a patient prepare for the treatments. Simultaneously, administering ketamine and performing CST will maximize synergistic effects. The patient can also schedule follow-up CST sessions to reinforce the therapeutic effects of ketamine therapy. 

Combining the two therapies offers a holistic approach to healing that addresses both physical and mental aspects of well-being. This integrated treatment can lead to profound and lasting benefits, making it a powerful option for those seeking comprehensive healing and transformation.

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